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Panenka Marketing is a professional marketing agency which offers a full range of business services to clients and partners in North America. Our vital operating units are Market Research, Strategy, Technology and Marketing. Through our amazing team, we offer a result-oriented perspective that allows us to embrace your business objectives. At Panenka Marketing, we use our research and strategy to establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) and use technology and marketing to deliver your desired goal.

The Customer Journey.

In 2021, we are pushing the limits of our expertise to deliver the best consumer driven journeys and purchasing behaviors to our funnel developments. These solutions provide our clients with new ways to interact, engage, and grow their opportunities to sell at a much higher level! Our practices for implementing multifaceted projects, technology and development ideas via marketing implementations delivers an added layer that drives profitable results to our portfolio.

Focusing at Work

The Marketing Experience.

The latest marketing and technology software are constantly evolving, and Panenka Marketing is distinctively positioned to remain ahead of the curve. We have the ability to swiftly assemble a team for your product launch, research your industry, recognize your competitor weaknesses, target them and develop an inside-out strategy for your firm. Panenka Marketing is the alert and forward-thinking agency that can help you reach your next quarter milestones.


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 websites redesign.

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Researching and Writing
Brand Strategy


To reach your business goals, we need a strategy that maximizes your current resources, while building on your foundation and expanding on your future growth. Therefore, we always provide you with a feasible 30/90/180 marketing strategy with deadlines, indicators and reachable goals that suits your needs and offers a clear vision.



For years, we have used numerous programs to improve your customer journeys and advance your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), CPL (Cost per Lead), CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value), CTR (Click Through Rate) to increase your monthly sales velocity. By doing so, we have grown our expertise in Salesforces, Zoho, Tableau, Excel, Python, Google Ads and many others.

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Whether you need to solidify your brand identity through website redesign, latest implementations, grow your brand awareness via social media or PR campaigns, need to develop a new stream of leads, improve your funnel conversion rates or assign a new customer and revenue churn, Panenka Marketing is well appointed to help you gain more market share and reach your next milestones.

Market Research

At Panenka Marketing, we always start with a case study on your industry and combine our skills and expertise to help your company keep up with the ever-evolving nature of today’s business world. This enables us to pin-point every detail of your online presentation, funnel creation, customer journey while improving your call to action.