Some of Our Projects.

Market Research: In January, the Dallas Team compiled an entire case study on the flight school industry and found key metrics on expanding sales & marketing in that field.


Sales & Marketing: Panenka Marketing implemented a new funnel strategy in the solar panel realm to increase sales revenue by 5 in 2021 and 7x by 2022.

Marketing: In the solar world again, the Dallas Team tested a $250k budget and reached a Cost per Acquisition (CPA) of 38% below market average!

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Marketing: In late 2019, Panenka Marketing ran a worldwide campaign to increase/track leads through the implementation of Zoho Marketing Hub, CRM, Form and Zoho Connect.


Technology: In Q1 of 2021, Panenka Marketing deployed it's first flash loan in the crypto-world and increased the ROI of our client by 14%.


Strategy: Starting this year, Panenka Marketing is a partner of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in Grapevine, TX and will help increase the sales numbers of the facility.

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Marketing: Panenka Marketing helped launch the marketing campaign of Jump by Uber in Dallas, TX with the addition of their latest scooters and bike rentals.


Technology: Panenka Marketing implemented a new component into a SaaS financial application and increased by eightfold the amount of downloads.

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Marketing: Panenka Marketing reduced the churn rate ratio to 1.01% and increased the monthly subscriptions of the website by 35%.

Marketing: Panenka Marketing designed a PR campaign and the client received media coverage in Forbes, Bloomberg, World Economic Forum, Dallas Morning News and many others.

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Marketing: Panenka Marketing took over the social networks of a completely unknown e-commerce business and skyrocketed their accounts within the span of 4 months!

Marketing: As a test budget in Q1, Panenka Marketing reduced the Cost per Lead (CPL) for its home improvement client by 92.2%!

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